Survey. Help us improve vPOP PRO

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Thank you all for your feedback.

Looks like multi view / split screen is a popular request. I am a designer working on vPOP and would like to understand more how you would use split screen.

  • Would multiple views be useful during the planning process? i.e You could have two X-ray images open and be able to plan on both at the same time.
  • Multiple views on a second display or monitor to view during surgery?

I know you are busy but if you could describe your use-case it would be very helpful?

  • Describe how a split view would fit into your workflow
  • Is there other software where this works well for you?

Thank you so much for your time and feedback, it is invaluable!


Would like to see additional Synthes-DPS implants added to templates. The 1.5mm. adaptation plates, newer distal femoral plates etc.

Hi Stuart,
having two windows/split screen, on both of which all of the tools and implants can be utilized at the same time, would be incredibly useful - not only for student teaching and resident training, but also for client education. vPOP is second to none for showing clients what the plan is, but needing to move back and forth between windows seems confusing to many of them. Having this functionality would also eliminate the need for an assistant to switch between views during surgery. We use this feature in our standard PACS all the time (but it doesn’t let me plan).

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HI Ursula, thank you for taking the time to feedback. Multiview is proving a popular request and we are now scoping the project. Stay tuned… Would an additional option to have all windows scaled one : one be helpful? How many windows would you need as a maximum- 4? Cmd N ( next) and Cmd P ( previous) may be helpful in the interim to navigate between slides.

Thank you for taking the time to feedback. You can find the Synthes Distal Femoral Plates under category DFO , and the 1.5 adaption plates under Synthes’ first category- please make sure you are running the latest version of vPOP to see them . We are in contact with DPS -could you please list what is missing beyond these and we will definitely see what we can do ! Best

It would be awesome if you had an “auto calibrate image” button. The computer would be able to recognize that you have a calibration marker and ask to verify that it is 2.5 cm… etc. That way we wouldn’t have to zoom in and encircle the marker manually.

yes that would be great

My suggestions:

  • Split screen, I will look how it works on easyimage, you can have as many images opened at the same times in several different configurations (1:1, 1:1:1, 1:2, 2:2, etc)
  • Auto calibrate (detect marker and calibrate according, similar to how easyimage does)
  • Integrate TPLO rotating chart so we can directly have an image with the desired rotation, initial TPA and expected post-op TPA
  • Possibility to import custom plate profiles