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I have a case that I need some help with.

My intent is to add images of radiographs, and video, and share the Vpop-Pro files.

At the time I worked on this case, I did not have a crescentic saw. I was familiar with TTA and CCWO, so I had to hybridize the procedures to provide surgical correction. In general it has served me well until this most recent case that I need help with.

When performing CCWO, the proximal tibial segment is rotated to neutralize the tibial plateau, and the tibial tuberosity then is advanced as well. So, I generally aim for about 10-15 degrees as my final TPA, and not 5 degrees as one would expect for TPLO or 10 degrees as one would desire for CBLO.

My particular case is of a 3y MC Am Bulldog named Charlie Tarallo. I repaired the left knee last year with excellent results, and this year I repaired the right knee with less than perfect results. He tires easily after exercising the right leg.

More interesting, is that when I extend the right stifle, he will externally rotate the tibia. It has been suggested by a trusted mentor that I have overcorrected, he is hyperextending, and the caudal cruciate ligament is inflamed and under stress.

If possible, I will upload pertinent Radiographs, and video. I covet your critique.