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Hey guys, using 2.1.0 (95) on iPhone.
I’ve noticed if I plan a tplo, exit and come back the blade size is displayed incorrectly. The cut is in the correct location and size, but when I click on the blade tool, it incorrectly labels it as smaller - happened with a 30 being called a 24, and 24 being called a 20. I have screens if needed

Hi James , sorry for the late reply . Can you please send some screenshots ? We haven’t seen this before . Best

I cannot update payment details and my subscription expires today. When I click on my profile icon there is no ‘update payment’ icon for me to click. I use a MacOS. I do not want to cancel my subscription which is what your Hints sends me to do if using the Apple App, I have no option to renew or update payment. Please help ASAP!
Thank you for your time,


We changed our payment gateway last year, some users’ subscriptions could not be transferred, so you will need to just resubscribe. We did send out communication regarding this, apologies if you didn’t receive it.

Kind regards


Using VPOP 2.6.2 (193) and Windows 10 Pro 21H2.
Getting Error essage when importing from Asteris Keystone
“Cannot open this path: Reason”


Hi Chris,

We have tested here with Asteris’ staging area and import vPOP seems to be working for us.

Can you try again, just to be sure its not an intermittent communication problem?

Kind regards