Adding folders to help organize cases

I think it would be helpful if you could simply add folders or some way to organize cases on the main screen. This would allow us to organize cases by type such as “fractures”, “TPLOs”, etc. It would make it easier to find and sort cases when they start to pile up.

Good day Dr Earl, thank you for your post. We suggest that you use keywords in the case study name, alongside the patient name as a case can feature in ’ more than one folder’ . It is somewhat dependent on the priorities of a surgeon’s own invariably unique requirements. For example- We commonly use TPLO, MPL, ALD, PGR as keywords for searching by surgical procedure. We also use ‘#’ to search for fractures, or ’ asset ’ if we have a particularly nice example of something. Others include ‘sk immature’ for skeletally immature , or simply the rDVM Clinic name to search by clinic. We also add ‘inclFU’ for includes followup when the 8 wk PORads arrive for review so that we can store them for clinical audit. In case you do not know, you can also email / forward emails of radiographs directly to your vPOP library inmail address. This is different to your user login, and can be found in your profile, top left. You can add these cases to a new or existing vPOP casestudy. We have a large update arriving in late march- you will also be able to search by date range in vPOP, or in your own calendar with the option of using .ics invites for each casestudy that links back to your vPOP library… We will still be working on how we can refine this further to assist the workflow. With all good wishes.