Biomedtrix micro BFX cups


Are you able to add the smallest BFX cups to the templates - specifically 18, 20 and 22 mm?

Good day Dr Trumpatori, thank you for your message. We have both the BFX Acetabular Cup small breeds family ( 10-18mm ) and the standard range family of BFX Acetabular Cups (20-34mm) published . If you log out and back in again, you should be able to see these, but please let us know?. We have a Movora update due soon as well. Kind regards

These still do not show up on my end - only the standard sizes

Are you able to scroll down to see what other implant families are visible?

The rest of the “arthroplasty” templates. I checked all other Biomedtrix templates (in the evenrt they were miscategorized) and they are not there either.

Interestingly, the small breed cups DO show up on the web version of vPop - just not on my Mac desktop app?

Well I am relieved to hear this! It may help to 1) update to latest version issue if you have not already ( always the latest version in the browser) , vPOP Pro - Veterinary Preoperative Orthopaedic Planning or 2) clear your cache, log out and back in again. If you still have a problem, please reach out to Kindest regards

Alas - logged out and back in, latest version of Mac app - still no small cups?

FWIW, also not on my ipad or iphone versions.