Changing size of KYON acetabular cup version implant

Hi. I can only find a 25mm acetabular cup version implant. I can see how this can be changed to alter / measure the version angel but do not see how to change the size of the cup so that it can be used on other cup sizes. How do I do this? or are there impants / tools missing from my vPOP?

Good day Dr Wright. You are correct, at the moment there is only one generic cup size of 25mm for which to calibrate your existing cup to after importing your postop radiograph. Once assessing your cup version after templating the ‘ best fit ‘ superimposition, you can then recalibrate ( menu > image> calibrate ) to true size for the remainder of your postop rad critique . I hope this is helpful in the interim. Thank you for your message. Sincerely RP.