Crescentic double cut

Would it be possible to do some tutorials for crescentic double cut osteotomies for excessive slope TPLO or CBLO?

Hello Eric .
Certainly .
I am personally working on a levelling option series right now for eTPA . Thank you
For your patience .
In the interim , if you have a particular case of eTPA to plan , and you can rustle together a few colleagues that could join a screenshare for a Monday -Friday 8pm - 11pm GMT window , then I can schedule it if you perceive value

Best regards

Thank you Rory. I’ll talk with some people to see who may be interested. I’ll also reach out to Surge members.

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I would be interested in participating in a group webinar for using double cut crescentic osteotomies to level eTPA. Please email

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Thank you for your interest Dr Berger. We are having an eTPA levelling options webinar next Sunday 23rd 9pm GMT. We will feature some double crescentic osteotomy techniques in this session. I have sent you a zoom invitation. If any of your colleagues would like to join, please ask them to email . Kind regards Rory