DICOMs Import as White Boxes

In 2.2.1 (115), I have had issues importing DICOM images. They seem to import as plain white boxes. I can resolve the issue by uninstalling and reinstalling, but that is a very inconvenience workaround.

EDIT: Now even reinstalling the program does not seem to correct the issue. I would add that there does not seem to be an issue with the DICOM image, itself, as it will open in other DICOM-reading programs.

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Very sorry we have not seen this before. We are still getting to grips with using this as a support site!

This was fixed in 2.2.2 last week, and at the time of writing, the app should auto-update to 2.2.3 with some other minor fixes.

The problem was only lossless JPEG2000 DICOM images.