Displaying two images simultaneously

I love the simple, effective and intuitive software but I haven’t found the ability to display two images simultaneously. Am I missing a simple button or has that option not been built in? It would be nice to have orthogonal views of the sx plan displayed while in the OR.

Thank you for contributing Colin , multiview is definitely on our list for next quarter development so this is great to hear you will make use of it. Updates are occurring monthly, so watch this space! kind regards RP

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Hi Rory,
Great to hear that orthogonal views will become available on vPOP. I completely agree with Colin that this is a feature that I would use and value a lot!

Keep up the good work with this amazing software!


Stephen Jones

Hello Rory. How are the multiview plans coming along? It would be fantastic to be able to view orthogonal plans. Thank you for this extremely helpful program!

Hi Eric . Thank you for your message . I will get back to you when I know more after a meeting at the end of next week . Kind regards

Thank you!