Fixin Carmelo plates templates missing

Last week the Fixin Carmelo bone plates were in the system, but this week they are not in there. How do I get these back in there as an option?

Good day Dr Hermann, they should still be there, under Fixin, locking polyaxial straight cuttable . Does the issue resolve if you use the browser version? Kind regards

Thank you Rory! All of them show up in the browser version. All of the DFO and special plates also showed up in the browser version. Will the app be updated to mirror the browser version soon?

You are welcome Eric, the browser version is always running the latest update and the device versions should all auto update/ self check every time you log in. You can check the versions by clicking on the ? Top left in library and comparing with the browser and website vPOP Pro - Veterinary Preoperative Orthopaedic Planning . If you still have a problem, please contact Wishing you smooth surgeries. Kind regards