How does the tempalte for Orthomed Pancarpal arthrodesis work?

Hi support,

I have a pancarpal arthrodesis that I am planning to use the Orthomed Castless Plate for. Looking at the physical plate and the template on VPOP, I am generally confused about how the template makes sense. The number of screw holes (actual plate) vs green lines is discordant. Thank you in advanced for your attention!


Good day Brian, thank you for your message. I will discuss internally to see if we can reverse the side elevations and adjust this to make it more clear. The flat side is the bone stock side, the curved side with the tapered ends is on the extensor tendons / cranial side. I apologise for this inconvenience and thank you for highlighting this. I will report back and let you know . Best

Thank you for your comments Rory!

Good day Brian, I can confirm that the PCA plate side elevations have now been mirrored. Could you please log out and back in to confirm that everything appears as you anticipate? With all good wishes and for a smooth procedure ahead. Rory