I can no longer upload X-rays since yesterday

Since yesterday I can’t upload X-rays to vPOP any longer. Looks as though they are uploaded, but when you select them, It looks as though vPOP is still loading them. So you can’t work on them.
I use an iPhone 11pro

Hi Henk,

Some others have reported issues with loading spinner. We have a fix ready, but probably wont arrive until tomorrow for iOS.

In the meantime you can use the browser version https://app.vpop-pro.com

Alternatively, if you go into another plan that has an implant on it you should find if you go back to your new case that it works.

Sorry for the inconvenience

Kind Regards


This should now all be fixed, for all platforms.

Thank you Nick

Hi guys I can’t seem to add new cases at present, may have been the the subscription had timed out but I updated it the other day and it says it’s current and valid but I stilll can’t add new cases or access old oned


It looks like you have a valid subscription.

Can you show us a screenshot of your cases screen, and what happens when you try to go into a case?

Might be best if you take this to support@vpop-pro.com

Kind regards