Importing images

To import an image (or document) into a case:

  1. Click on contents icon Screenshot 2020-08-26 at 13.00.20
  2. Click the + icon
  3. Select the image or document to add to the case

In the MacOS, Windows and browser version you can drag and drop files directly into the case!

Managing case content:

  • You can drag the case content images up and down to re-order.
  • Click on the image name to rename.
  • Click on the trash can icon to delete.

I used to be able to import my xrays straight from my e-mails. Apparently I still can make a new case, but the jpg won‘t be imported. I use iOS.

Thank you for your message Dr Pardon. What IOS are you running and what vPOP version are you using please ? What is the exact method that you were using to import jpgs from email in iOS please - were you saving the image and importing after opening vPOP or ‘long press’ > share > copy to vPOP pro ? Kind regards VPOPpro

iOS version 14.4.2
VPOP 2.2.4
I go to my mail, click on the jpg and click share. So I don’t save. Than I choose vPOP. vPOP opens and I import in ‘new case’. I make the new case, but the jpg is not imported. The new case stays without an xray.
Something else completely: under implants, in tta cages. Would be interesting to make the length of the ‘stick’ where you manipulate the cage with, as long as the osteotomy line should be. Just a thought.
Kind regards,