Integration with OHIF viewer

Hi there,

I’m spiking the integration of vpop-pro with OHIF viewer and I’m wondering what integration alternatives do I have to integrate vpop-pro with a web-based medical imaging viewer.

OHIF: GitHub - OHIF/Viewers: OHIF zero-footprint DICOM viewer and oncology specific Lesion Tracker, plus shared extension packages
OHIF is pretty much a SPA / React web application with extension capabilities. I could implement an extension for vpop-pro which would integrate vpop with OHIF but I need to know what’s possible? limitations?

Although OHIF is a radiology viewer it does have different extensions e.g. microscopy and endoscopy.

One idea is to have the vpop-pro wrapped in a viewport inside OHIF (through iframe?) but I still need to communicate with vpop from OHIF (via events?) e.g. getting measurements information or sending commands from OHIF to trigger actions in vpop or something like that.

Thanks in advance.