Library of images

Is there a way to export an entire library of radiographs rather than just one at a time?


Good day Duane ,could you share the context of why you are exporting please - is this to share all the images with a colleague for example ?
If so , to share an entire case from vPOP , click on the ‘case’ next to ‘image’ when you click on the ‘ arrow up’ button you can copy the url for the case to send where you wish - sms , email , post to a forum , your PMS , airdrop even . You have the option to allow the recipient to readonly for as you choose to share it , or allow them to import a copy of their case to edit their own if you are collaborating with them . Kind regards , I hope this helps .

Hi Rory,
Thanks for your reply. I was asking in the scenario where one would want to transfer their library to a different platform.