Multiple views in surgery

Hello team VPOP -

Thank you for the awesome product, one thing that I think is holding from saying your product is 12/10 is the functionality to have multiple views available at once. For a common TPLO I also utilize the CC projection to plan screw lengths and having both available in the OR to me makes sense. A small suggestion that I think would go a long way. Thank you in advance for your consideration.


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Hi Brian, thank you for taking the time to feedback. Multiview is proving to be a popular request and we are now scoping the project. Are there any other scenarios you might find Multiview helpful please beyond displaying orthogonal projections in the OR? ( teaching / client education / collaboration ) With that in mind , are there any other functionality features within multiview for those scenarios that could help?

Hi Rory - thank you for taking a look into this project. I would use multi-view in likely every surgical situation during the planning and intra-op imaging display. It is helpful in every single surgery for me to see orthogonal projections, for instance a TPLO/fracture to see screw lengths as well as the rotation/measurements. It’s not always feasible to have a tech click on each projection you want to see. In certain situations like a fracture, it would benefit for seeing the bone unaltered as well as with the pre-op plan. Likely there are many more uses like you mentioned, to be able to compare the post-op images to the pre-op plans and see if there are any areas of critique, improvement or other assessments - so education and assessment.