NGD evolution plate

Hello. Would it be possible to get templates for the NGD Evo-Vet TPLO Plate™ plates?

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Good day Dr Cali, thank you for your enquiry. Yes, perfectly possible, we are vendor neutral. Please reach out to your contact at Movora / NGDVet and ask them to get in touch at to see if we can get this prioritised. If by chance you’re at ACVS I, we believe Movora are there and perhaps you could swing by. The new curved profile is rather elegant to facilitate positioning the first and last compression screws distal to the osteotomy isn’t it. Kindest regards and all the best for the weekend

Thanks. I have reached out to my contact at NGD and they have forwarded the digital templates over to Movora. I have cc’d on the email chain. I’m looking forward to seeing the templates added.

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Thank you for your update. We will look out for the artwork and hope to get this sorted in a timely fashion for you .
Kind regards

Hello Rory. Any update on this yet?

Good day Michael ,
A pleasure to hear from you .
We currently anticipate an update of global Movora artwork being prepared from them at a central level at the end of January. When it does arrive , I will see what we can do to prioritise TPLO inventory .

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