Orthogonal line

Hello POP team,
would it be possible to quickly set the orthogonal line using the function? Tt would help me a lot in planning.
Kind regards
Jaroslav Mikes

Good day Dr Mikes. Thank you for your email. May we understand the context of your planning? If this is for TPLO, make sure your stifle is facing to the left, define your tibial long axis, and then choose another line. This second line will automatically come on at 95’ to the long axis, ie your target 5’ postoperative tibial plateau angle. You can then rotate the plateau to meet that target tangent and note the mm chord rotation. If your intercondylar eminences move with the rotation, you can use the tracking tool to track the mechanical axis shift. (YouTube instructional video for CCWO explains how to do this -6m 06s to 6m 26s and 8m35 to 9min 0s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJ5GoAjw1e8 In theory, you do not have to measure the preoperative tibial plateau angle with this method, but simply rotate to your target TPA. We hope this helps. We hope to be able to allow adjustment of the paired line tool’s angle in the information palette in future.