Orthogonal Views of Implants

Hi There Rory

I use V-POP a lot thank you, very helpful.

I see a few selected implants can be “turned on their side” to match up to the orthogonal; radiographs, but not all, and only precious few really… It would be pretty helpful to get this feature enabled for all the implants now available. ALso, more complex I know, but what about allowing contouring…? Even if it was a simple bending option in either plane… that would be pretty cool

Last one : I dont see the LEAP plates on there from Fusion… I use those quite a lot actually!!

Good day Ian, a pleasure to hear from you. We are only able to draw and display the artwork supplied by the manufacturers that they commission to be uploaded. Whilst we always advise and request for both orthogonal artwork projections to be provided, some are either not supplied, or of insufficient minimum standard to be reproduced accurately. If there is ever artwork that is absent, please ask your supplier to contact us on support@vpop-pro.com for an itemised quotation and the format for artwork submission. Wishing you smooth surgeries, kindest regards.

Hi Rory

I have given Dan at Fusion a Heads-up so you should hear from him in due course.

N2 are bringing out new items all the time too so I have asked them to send their new templates too!!

Thank you Ian , wishing you an uneventful day on the tools .