Positioning and adjusting implants

To position and adjust an implant:


  1. Click on the implant to select it
  2. Click anywhere away from the implant to deselect


  • Click anywhere on the implant and naturally drag it around. It will behave as if it is sitting on your desk.
  • On touch devices you can use multiple touches to naturally position the implant
  • You can refine the rotation by selecting the outer drag circle.

Change implant size

  • In the info palette adjust the size slider

Change view

  • Some implants come with both top down and side views
  • Use the view buttons to change to the desired view

Implant Opacity

  1. Click on the menu icon ☰
  2. Select the Image tab
  3. Scroll down
  4. Adjust the implant opacity
  5. From here you can also toggle displaying the implant codes