Referencing Measurements for existing lines

It would be extremely helpful to be able to identify a point along a pre-existing line in real time.

For instance - Performing Triple Tibial Osteotomy
Lets say I have measured the length of the tibial crest osteotomy to be 50mm.
The closing wedge osteotomy is to be performed half way along this line

  • currently i have to create another line to measure and mark 25mm along the original line
  • real time coordinate referencing along the original line would simplify this greatly
    • I am hopeful the software might also reference the angle relative to the original line representing the tibial crest osteotomy (CWO should be perpendicular)
  • this might also be advantageous when referencing screw locations/other distances within other
    orthopedic procedures

Good day Dr Pritchard - this is not available currently on the line tool , in order to delineate and maintain clean axes , but I can understand the requirement within TTO planning. My suggestion is to use the anatomic axis tool, which drops a preset 25 and 50% circle along the length or 33 and 66% as initial options as adjustable circles, but the presets can be altered in the information window to individual customised preferences. The lines can be toggled off in the menu to clean the image when you add the tool, be it the wedge or the reposition tool to delineate and rotate the tibial tuberosity about its distal Maquet hole to your target advancement line extending distally from the patella. Kindest regards.

Hi Rory,

Thanks for the reply - I had in fact switched to using the anatomical axis tool as somewhat of a work around. Very much agree regarding maintaining clean axes - important to minimise ‘clutter’ on the screen.
Still a fair bit of clicking involved from a user feedback point of view, nonetheless solves the problem.
Someone did ask somewhere the purpose of the anatomical axis tool - have you got a definition of this tool somewhere/description for its ideal use?