TTA cages 'working stick' length

In planning TTA, it would be nice to have a ‘working stick’ length on your cage equal to the desired osteotomy length. In this way it would be easier to plan your adjustments.

Thank you for your suggestion Henk. Interesting. Do you mean a central guide line that extends to the apex of the void that the cage creates with its tapering sides? Out of interest, which method of TTA planning do you use - Common Tangent , MMP, or using the perpendicular to the tibial plateau joint orientation line ? Kind regards.

Hi Rory, sorry to get back to you so late, I only go and take a peak on the website if you guys send me something I’m afraid.
Anyway, I do the common tangent technique, which goes just perfectly with the app (on a good X-ray that is :joy:).
The connicle lines on the cage are just the way I want it and they gives you a good idea where you’re at! the mm markings are also a plus! The thing I miss a bit is the cage size, which was mentioned before, but now you have to click on the cage to see it. Perhaps an idea to replace the 10 (mm) with the cage size?
I had some issues with adding my contacts before, but then it was restored. Since a while now the contact cannot be added again. Might be nice to be able to search on contacts as well, since I also use vPOP for my admin when I get home.
Great App btw, really love it and use it on a daily basis!
Best wishes for 2022!