VOI Biocurve TPLO plate template missing

Hello, I logged on to plan a case today and noticed the TPLO plates I use ( VOI Biocurve) are missing in the implant section. Can you tell me if they are going to be available again at some point?

Scott Fleming


It looks like they are there. Can you check the filter settings as in the attached image?

Kind regards


vPOP Team

The Biocurve plates don’t display the profile option for the AP views. Am I missing something?

Dear Dr Escudeiro,
Unfortunately the artwork for the Biocurve AP projection is not yet available, however as a temporary measure, you may find it helpful to use the AP of the Versiv plate from the same manufacturer to assess the screw trajectories which have a very similar distribution density and position with two distal compression slots . Thank you for your enquiry and patience in the interim. When the artwork does arrive for this additional Biocurve plate view, no update will be necessary beyond simply logging in / out whilst you r device syncs with our cloud implant library .