Wedge Tool - defining central axis, fixed angles

Hi Folks,

Is there a way to pre-define parameters for the Wedge Tool? I am specifically interested in identifying the central axis for our isosceles triangle, and pre-defining the angle of attack for cut relative to this central axis.
I feel the advantage of this is it helps fine tune our post operative measurements (feels like chasing unicorns most of the time!)

Good day Dr Pritchard. Apologies for the delay. We are in the process of changing over and updating our support forum. We are not able to preset an angle nor create and maintain/ adjust the size of an isosceles wedge yet, but it is a known ‘ ideal’ and I will personally revisit this with the dev team to see what might be possible. Additionally- If you would like some input into a TTO training tutorial video that we are putting together, feel reach out to schedule a call via . Kind regards.

Thanks Rory,

Look forward to seeing where this goes.