Whenever I exit Vpop my most recent measurements are wiped

I planned one CCWO last week, and two others today (all separate cases). When I logged back in to check my measurements my whole plan had disappeared, leaving the blank radiograph. I planned them again, and saved them as new images, just in case, but the same thing has happened again as soon as I logged back in. For some reason the plan I made last week, which until today was still visible, is now also wiped.

Hi. Sounds like a possible bug. Which platform / devices are you using?
Going back to the main screen from a case should make sure they are saved correctly.

Would it possible to try the browser version to see if the same error is happening?

We will continue to investigate.

Thank you for making us aware of the issue., we hope to solve the problem as soon as possible.


I’m using the browser version, on a Dell Laptop running windows, I’ll try navigating to the home screen, just in case.

Update: this is happening on both the browser and the windows app. I’ve tried navigating to the home screen after saving which doesn’t help. When I navigate onto the file after logging in, I get an error message:
“Resource doesn’t exist
You have tried to access something that doesn’t exist any longer. Please refresh. Request status failed with error code 404”


I have a look into your specific case and found some corruption with a file.

I notice your subscription has expired also, which might be causing issues too.

the 404 problem should be fixed for you tho.

Kind regards


Hi Nick,

Thanks for checking it out. I’m still getting the 404 error, and my measurements are still disappearing. My subscription was ported from a personal one to a CVS group one, so it’s odd it’s saying that it has expired. I’ve tried using the web based app and reinstalling the windows app since you fixed it, but neither are working.

Issue with your account, as an invoice had not been paid. It should be working again now.

We have found an issue with images imported via email, this will be fixed in the next hour or two.